121 half. This is the door to the                                                 basement & wall between havles

Renovations in progress.  It has been a slower process than ever anticipated, but it's getting closer!!


121 W. Center St. Entrance                   119 W. Center St. Entrance               Door in between to upstairs apartments

painters     photo of painters    photo of painters  photo of painters

Painting of the walls in progress with some great volunteers!!!




The 121 half of space.                           The 121 half looking to back where       The 119 half.  Back door to alley.

                                                             the office and restroom will be.




Office and restroom area. The               Ceiling of our office.                           

restroom is the part that is walled off.




Ceiling in the 121 half.                            Ceiling in the 121 half.                          119 half looking out.




Double doors and ramp between            Ceiling of the 119 half.                        Exposed brick wall in 119 half.

the two building halfs.

April 27, 2009-- Volunteers were busy on Saturday!!  We now have the entire place painted.  Still some trim to do and the ceiling.        

April 21, 2009-- We are signing our lease and will be painting the walls this week and next. Then comes the flooring and all the trim work to complete the renovations.  Won't be long now!

January 8, 2009--As you can see there are still lots to do.  We are hopeful that when the last of the permits finally come in the remaining renovations will go quickly. While it looks like quite the mess still, there is only the drywall that needs to be up on the ceiling and a few areas of the wall, the restroom needs fixtures, and the flooring needs to be done.  Once everything is painted we know it will look awesome.  And it will be even more awesome when there are students working on their art, and learning to act, dance and play music.  The walls will be filled with art from our students as well as from the community.  It will soon be filled with the spirits of creativity and the enhanced lives of our participants. 

January 27, 2009--The permits are in and drywall is going up!  Decisions on the flooring materials are in progress!!

At this time cash donations are the most needed.  This will go towards the purchase of more art supplies as well as the many other start up costs such as security deposit for utilities, more chairs, printing of brochures, liability ins, etc.  Please call if you have something specific you would like to donate and we will discuss with you our various needs. 

We look forward to serving the Whitewater and surrounding communities!!

Deborah & Katherine--Founders/Directors of Studio 84

Karen, Stasia, Laura--Board of Directors