Studio 84 is a non profit art studio that provides experiences in the arts for the community.
We specialize in the creative and vocational development of people with disabilities including those with Autism,
physical disabilities, cognitive limitations and mental illness.

We believe in creating an environment of inclusion.
Open to all ages and all abilities.

Located in Whitewater, Wisconsin

Artist Galleries


AJ works in mainly in clay and paint. When he's not making art he loves trains. Amanda loves paint and has been exploring the flower as a theme in her work. She is not only a great artist but also an incredible horse woman. She owns her own horse and works at a stable with other horses. Brad is a builder. Using mainly wood he designs and builds airplanes, boats and submarines, most often he finishes one in only an hour. Jamie has been learning many new techniques in his work. He enjoys scratching through layers to reveal previous colors underneath. Jessica has her own website and sells commissioned paintings of pets. She is a great helper around the studio also and gives tours to visitors. Visit her website here.
Kelly Gunn
Debbie Franzen
Joshua is highly creative. He write poetry, plays, and works in a multitude of mediums. Kelly, while legally blind does amazing work with paint. She recently did each animal of the alphabet and we had it made into a book for children. Linda loves painting. Using a layering technique along with collage and scratching through layers of paint, she makes amazing abstracts. Debbie enjoys colored pencil, markers and paints and her favorite subject is flowers. Nick has grown so much with his art. He has an amazing sense of perspective when creating buildings and enjoys working from life. He recently worked outside during an art festival where people could watch his work develop through out the day. Nick has his own website visit more of his work there.



Studio 84
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